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Dr. Trakol (DDS, MS, F.A.CP.) is a graduate from Louisiana State University in Maxillofacial Prosthetic and pursued further education in implant training at the University of Miami who also holds. a diplomat of American Board of Prosthodontics. Dr. Trakol talked about implant surgical procedures and emphasized the importance of follow-up treatment. "Implant is not considered done once the surgery is completed. Dentist has to follow up with the treatment and makes sure the patients are satisfied with the treatment. The most challenging part of implant is to make a new tooth (implant tooth) functions and esthetics like the healthy natural tooth." said Dr.Trakol

Dr. Kittichai, D.D.S., M.S., is an assistant professor advanced education in implant dentisrty at school of dentistry, Loma Linda, California. His presentation was very informative, educational, and fun. He showed visual presentation of people's smiles on screen. He remarked that eyes are the one that evaluate the works and the quality of treatment.

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- Dr. Trakol (DDS, MS, F.A.CP.)
Dr. Kittichai (DDS, MS, Loma Linda, California)

Elephant ride

In 2002, four young dental students from Dundee Univeristy, Scotland found Dr. Lily's Website and contacted her through email. Within months, they're in Bangkok to learn and observe Dr. Lily's dental treatment. This year, two other dental students, Alan Cassidy and Gareth Shepherd, from the same university visited Dr. Lily. Above and beyond, she drove them to Ayutthya, the ancient city of Thailand, to show them the beautiful ruins of temples and palaces. Alan and Gareth enjoyed the scenery and their rides on elephants around Ayutthya island.

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