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Dr.lily bangkok, Doctor Dent Bangkok Thailand Dr.lily bangkok, Doctor Dent Bangkok ThailandDr.lily bangkok, Doctor Dentist Bangkok Thailand
Ross, Paul, David and Kris, Senior dental students from Dundee University, Scotland,
were greatly impressed with Dr. Lily's website and decided to contact her via email.
A year later, their impression and respect of Dr. Lily grew even more! While visited Thailand as part of their dental experience,
Dr. Lily invited these 4 students to observe several cosmetic dental works in her clinic.
She shared with the four young dentists that her dental works also involved building up friendship and sincere thoughts.
She added 'smile with your heart'.

Their other destinations are New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and U.S.A.

Doctor Dentist
Dr.Antheuis Versluis,
PhD, from Minnesota, USA, of the Dental Research Center for Biomaterials and Biomechanics
Doctor Dent
Professor Dr. Daniel Edelhoff,
from the University Clinic in Germany, hold an impressive lecture on the new era and technology in ceramic restoration, in Bangkok recently.
Doctor Dentist
Dr.Lily and Dr.Pairot from Florida in Dental implant meeting.

Physician - physician dent bangkok thailand
Mr.Vigliek Rodge from SAS ,staff of Scandinavian Airlines in Oslo . Thank you
very much for your recommendation.
" I would like to recommend treatment at Dr. Lily's clinic
as she is running a professional and very hospitable establishment.
Thank you dear Lily for a few very nice days with you and your staff."
See you soon.

Physician - physician dent bangkok thailand
Mr.Johnson Raymond from US Embassy in Japan
Chief, Defense Information Systems Agency DISA-PAC Janpan
Dr. Lily,

Thank you so much for your kindness and good humor while provinding dental care. I've had nightmare experiencies in dental chairs, so I was grateful that my experience was so positive. I did not have to wait, and the treatment I received was very sensitive, kind, and overall simply outstanding. It's the first time I have ever went to sleep in a dental chair! I send my heartfelt thanks to you and the staff who assisted. I'll be returning to see you sometime before Christmas.

I've recommended your services to several friends and you should be hearing from them in the near future.

Again, thank you very much for the outstanding work.

You are the Greatest!


physician dent bangkok thailandThe Adventurious American Entrepreneur, Mr. Tim Lawler from New Hampshire ,USA. Thank you very much for the comment

. . . Dr. Lilly and staff

Thanks for the service and attentiveness that I received, the crown is perfect. Your staff always made me feel comfortable. Friendly and helpful. so please pass the thanks on to them also.

physician dent bangkok thailandJivan and June from Hawaii
Dear Dr. Lily, June and I remember the wonderful experience of your treatment. It wasn't only the excellent dental treatment. It was also the human treatment.
June has tried Pad Thai at all sorts of Thai restaurants, but none of them has
compared to the pad Thai she had in your office. Perhaps your loving energy
carried over and into it.

physician dent bangkok thailandMr.Greg Hill ,HSBC Bank from Souththampton (UK).
Thank you for your comment . " Thailand has the best beaches, the best food and
Dr.Lily is the best dentist .Thanks!

physician dent bangkok thailand

Nikkel Waldemar and his girl friend from Denmark got 6 months holiday
in Asia . He also combined his dental work in this trip. Thank you very
much for your comment " Very clean and professional by Dr.Lily"

physician dent bangkok thailandStu Thompson Director of product development ,UNIT.NET from Zurich CH
Thank you very much for your visited and used our service.
Not only 5 days relaxed on the beach in Phuket , he've got a very white
and bright smile back home.
Stu went back home with full of energy to get through his super busy

physician dent bangkok thailand

Mr. David,a staff of the British Airway in London was recommended by his friend to see Dr. lily in Bangkok to complete his dental work. Now it was perfectly well done. Please do not forget to give your friends a big smile, David. Hope to see you again soon.

. . . from an Email . . .
" Dear DR Lily
I arrived home ok if not a little jadded and sleepy. I have not spoken to Mr. Ross yet but iam sure he is ok. Once again thank you for the good work on my teeth.Please pass on my regards to your staff and Iwill see you in about a year.
Reagards DAVID "

clinic in Bangkok ThailandLeigh , from an island in Pacific ocean search for 2 days to find a dentist in this region. She finally decided to visit Dr.Lily in BKK. Now look at her beautiful smile with full of happiness. Thank you for your beautiful face and your friendship that make the work well done!! Till we meet again ,Leigh you’re really Great!

physician dent bangkok thailandMr. Bruce Merrte from Kensington, Australia with his Thai girl friend. He
was also the one who combined his trip to the dental work.

PhysicianMrs. Malee Larsen from Natherland called for the appointment at once
after her first visiting our website. She was back home with bright
smile and she was a really nice person to help Dr.Lily to take care of
her father's dental problem .We hope they 're now happy with their
dental health. I'm so proud to take care of you!

PhysicianDr.Erik, orthopedics from Manhattan, New York.
He wants to have a perfect smile in Siam and he got it.

PhysicianMr.Micheal Layne from Arlington USA ,a nice marine also got us from yahoo.

physician dentist bangkok thailandA nice ,beautiful girl from Virginia USA, Jeannie had a dental adventure before she started her adventurous trip in the South East Asia.

Dentist Bangkok ThailandDear Dr Lily
Thank you for the treatment that I received and also your very kind hospitalitality.
Thank you Dr Lilly hope to see you again soon.

Kind regards, Ross from UK

clinic in Bangkok ThailandJ.J. Jazz musical artist as singer and composer from Hollywood.
He loves everything about Thailand whatever food , people and also Thai dentist.

clinic in Bangkok ThailandMr.Bob Jassen from Miami, Florida...Thank you very much for your comment.

. . . "Dr.Lily is not only did a fantastic dental work but best of all the money I save pay a fabulous 5 stars vacation in Thailand” . . .

Dental Clinic & DentistMr. Devon Sergio Woodard from Italy, Marketing Manager of Stebel S.p.A. gets his happy smile with whiten tooth. Thank you for your visit and please welcome again.

physician dent bangkok thailandA nice couple from UK, Alf and Alice just married in Thai wedding ceremony. Congraturation! We hope you will have a lifetime with dreams coming true.

Dentist Bangkok ThailandMrs.Vicky and her lovely children just came back from USA for holiday. They visited Dr.Lily to check up again.
Good dental health family!

WATCHAREEWON DENTAL CLINICMr.Bommer from Massachusetts was recently has his dental work done and finished in 2 days before he continued to travell to other south east asia.

. . . I appreciate your service and staff and look forward to seeing you in December. Thanks for everything.


John (Jay) Bommer ,USA

physician dent bangkok thailandHarry from Statoil company , Norway visit Thailand many times,this time he also visit Dr.Lily as old patient and old friend.

physician dent bangkok thailandDear Lily,
Just want to thank you for the great attention that you gave to my teeth. I feel like I got a really wonderful job. Also appreciate our friendship and you light-heartedness, joviality, etc. I'm happy I decided to use your Dental Services.

All was well when I returned home and I had a wonderful trip to Thailand.

Mr.Micheal Roe from Hawaii

physician dent bangkok thailandMs.Keren is always be calm and gental to all of her little children in her school. They all love her as a good English teacher.

physician dent bangkok thailandMs.Victoria from New York is now residential in Pattaya. She is a good looking woman ,healthy with  perfect smile.

International Dental Thailand Miss fathima, a charm and nice teacher from England who has lots of experience always enjoy with her children at  the school.

Dental Clinic & DentistPaula, from the United Kingdom, got in touch with me by email asking to assist her in necessary dental work. Here is Paula after visiting me, smiling beautifully!

your dentist internationalMario Buzzanca   South Sea Pearl Wholeseller in Asia and Europe, my very special client. Since 15 years he regularly visit every six months my clinic to check up his oral hygiene and teeth.

Peter from Heidenburg Germany combined his dental work with a wonderful holiday in Thailand. Peter promised to come back to Thailand very soon.

clinic in BangkokBauer, an American national, now living in Japan, shown in the picture with his friend Karna, paid a visit to my clinic for a period check up and teeth bleaching, before they left to Phuket for a holiday. Returned back home, they particularly missed the relaxing and pampering Thai Massage.

physician dent bangkok thailandWill from Silicon Valley, California. He is part of the Thai football team. While being on tour with his Thai team, he usually spares some time to visit my clinic to check his teeth.

physician dent bangkok thailandPooh found Dr.Lily clinic from Yahoo search engine. She flew in from Indiana, USA, to let me take care of her teeth. Pooh has a wonderful friendly personality. I wish her every success in her educational career to get her PHD as a linguist from the American university.

physician dent bangkok thailandMr. Andy from UK has his perfect smile on Dr.Lily's dental chair.

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