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English class brings brighter and closer smiles.

      BANGKOK, Thailand -With gradual increase of oversea dental patients, language and culture have become one of the most important parts of communication. Dr. Lily Pornchareon continuously seeks ways to improve the quality of her service. She wants to communicate with the patients effectively. "I want to speak English well like American," said Dr. Lily. She recently joined the "English for Socializing," a class that taught by two American English teachers Dr. Gloria and Steve and a Thai professor Khun Suthira. Since Dr. Lily attended this course, she gains confidence in speaking English, increases her vocabulary, makes friends with Americans and feels comfortable talking to foreigners. She also had several opportunities to give a public presentation in English. Dr. Lily encourages other dentists and Thai young patients to continue to learn and improve conversational English.

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English class brings brighter and closer smiles
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