implant bangkok thailand, Implant Conferenence in Bangkok in Bangkok Thailand
Implant Conferenence in Bangkok

BANGKOK, Thailand - Dr. Lily Pornchareon commits to improvement and up-to-date information about cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Lily attended a conference about maxillofacial prosthetic and implant training at the priest hospital. The conference titled "Reconstructive Preprosthetic Surgery: present and future perspective" featured five renowned dentists/ speakers:
Dr. Trakol Mekayarajjananoth, Dr. Kittichai Rungcharasaeng,
Dr. Pairoj Taypongsak and Dr. Somchai Chaisupamongkollarp (Head of dental department)

Dr. Manop Sirimaharah, the director of the priest hospital, and his staff prepared to welcome the chairman who was going to open the special short course for 5 days recently in Aug.
A conference about maxillofacial prosthetic and implant
More than 300 Thai dentists attended this course. Thank you very much for the excellent course it was so splendid because not only free of charge but tasty free meal every day. Remark to be "The dental conference of the year 2003"

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Implant Conferenence in Bangkok Implant Conferenence in Bangkok

Dr. Trakol Mekayarajjananoth, Dr. Kittichai Rungcharasaeng,
Dr. Pairoj Taypongsak and Dr. Somchai.

Dr. Pairoj, D.M.D, P.A., Diplomatic of American Board of Oral and maxilofacial surgery Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.A., talked about the best preprosthetic surgery is the single stage implant surgery and early loading. "Single implant is the prestige of tomorrow dentistry," said Dr. Pairat.

dental implant, implant thailand
Dr. Somchai (Left),
Dr. Pairoj (Right)

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English class brings brighter and closer smiles
- Implant and periodontal with Dr. Fred Bergmann
- Implant Conferenence in Bangkok
- Dr. Trakol (DDS, MS, F.A.CP.)
Dr. Kittichai (DDS, MS, Loma Linda, California)

implant bangkok thailand
Elephant ride

In 2002, four young dental students from Dundee Univeristy, Scotland found Dr. Lily's Website and contacted her through email. Within months, they're in Bangkok to learn and observe Dr. Lily's dental treatment. This year, two other dental students, Alan Cassidy and Gareth Shepherd, from the same university visited Dr. Lily. Above and beyond, she drove them to Ayutthya, the ancient city of Thailand, to show them the beautiful ruins of temples and palaces. Alan and Gareth enjoyed the scenery and their rides on elephants around Ayutthya island.

implant bangkok

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