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Brave Hearts

- Dr. Lily Pornchareon

dr.lily bangkok, Dr.Lily Clinic Bangkok dr.lily bangkok

Last week I had 20 minutes dental check up and cleaning with the staff at my clinic. Due to my hectic schedule last year, I have very limited time for my own dental check up. Even though I knew that I would be treated by a very experienced dentist with the best equipment at hands, I felt nervous. The smell. The goose bumps. The tension in my arms and lower back. I feel like it was the first time to meet a dentist. I definitely need a good Thai massage after the check up. I appreciate and admire my patient's determination and patience for enduring hours and days of treatment.

Anyone who is planning to have a dental treatment, I recommend that you should be treated with less complicated work first. Be brave and patient for your next appointment. The longer you wait for your next dental appointment, the more deteriorating your teeth and gum will become, and the more bravery you will need.

For patients who had teeth whitening treatment, please do not forget to keep your teeth whiten with bleaching toothpaste. I recommend the toothpaste that contains:

Carbamide or hydrogen peroxide

To keep your whiten teeth longer, I recommend you use a whiten gel, which you could use it with your plastic tray. The gel needs to be kept at a normal temperature and do not freeze it please!
Email or call me for more information about the gel. I will be delighted to deliver it to you at a very low cost

- Brave Hearts
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dr.lily bangkok, Dr.Lily Clinic Bangkok
Elephant ride

In 2002, four young dental students from Dundee Univeristy, Scotland found Dr. Lily's Website and contacted her through email. Within months, they're in Bangkok to learn and observe Dr. Lily's dental treatment. This year, two other dental students, Alan Cassidy and Gareth Shepherd, from the same university visited Dr. Lily. Above and beyond, she drove them to Ayutthya, the ancient city of Thailand, to show them the beautiful ruins of temples and palaces. Alan and Gareth enjoyed the scenery and their rides on elephants around Ayutthya island.

dr.lily bangkok, Dr.Lily Clinic Bangkok

dr.lily bangkok, Dr.Lily Clinic Bangkok

dr.lily bangkok, Dr.Lily Dentist Bangkok - Watchareewon Dental Clinic in Bangkok Thailand
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