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Laser Tooth Whitening, Bangkok - We have 2 years guaranty on prosthetic part by our specialists. English Version German Version Thai Version Japan Version

Laser tooth whitening from a laser smile, Biolase, USA

Implant In single tooth implantation case(include with immediate implantation)
can perform either under local or general anesthesia

In severe bone loss case needs bone grafting before implant placement.The source of bone can be commercial bone or autogenous bone.We can harvest autogenous bone from jaws bone or hip bone.

BLEACHING your dull, yellow teeth to brighten and lighten.

Change the dull amalgam filling to white composite filling.

in tetracyclin case, crooked teeth, space or gaps, broken teeth, stained or discolored teeth with composite veneer or press ceramic EMPRESS.

change big, dull amalgam to brighten and whiten teeth with EMPRESS , TARGIS.

CROWN in severe problems - a bad fracture , a tooth that has had canal treatment , large filling with full metal crown or porcelain fused to metal, empress or inceram.

BRIDGE in situations where one or several teeth are missing, with EMPRESS II, inceram, porcelain fused to metal (PFM).

Oral exam + X-ray + treatment Plan
Cleaning and polishing

DENTAL IMPLANTStaff Surgeon, Periodontist and Prosthodontist
Endodontal treatmentRoot canal treatment in 1-2 visits
Periodontal treatmentScaling, Root-planning, periosurgery, cosmetic periosurgery
Pedodontal treatmentclean, polish, F-apply, Sealant that all program for prophylaxis.
Orthodontal treatment

Our oversea patients not only have good looking apperance
but also possess excellent dental health certified by
A perfect smile in Siam

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Laser Tooth Whitening, Bangkok

Laser Tooth Whitening, Bangkok

Laser Tooth Whitening, Bangkok

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